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Past Events

                      Our 2020 Client Appreciation Luncheon

Our luncheon was held in the Garden Ballroom, at the beautiful grounds of Wine & Roses, in Lodi, CA.

Hosts Ron & Julie Roberts, congratulating the lucky award winners.

International singing sensations of George & Clarisse Dyer (far left & right), provided such a wonderful show!

George Dyer performing Phantom of the Opera on stage.

Our Halloween Party - October 12, 2019

Our 2018 Client Appreciation Holiday Luncheon, in Lodi, CA.

Our business is built on a foundation of personal 

relationships with our clients' best interest in mind, always.

The 'band' who provided us with great entertainment 

and music to dance to!

Your Hosts, Ron and Julie Roberts.

2018 Garden Party

Awaiting Our Guests

A Great Combination: 

Wonderful Guests and Delicious Food!

Music is Always an Integral Part

A Beautiful Spot for a Garden Party!