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Estate Planning

Probate is the legal process of resolving claims and distributing the estate and assets of the deceased as determined by a valid will. A court decides validity of the will, and interprets the wishes of the deceased. For your family left behind, probate can be very complex, emotionally draining and costly.  Roberts Retirement Group’s estate planning strategies can assist you in alleviating the probate process.

Revocable Trust, also known as revocable living trust or living trust, is designed to avoid the hassle of probate proceedings and permits you to maintain control of the trust while you are still living. A living trust can be used to plan for unforeseen circumstances by passing on guardianship in the event that you become incapacitated or disabled and no longer able to make decisions for yourself.

Roberts Retirements Group can help you create a customized strategy to protect, preserve and pass on your estate to your heirs. We’ll work with you and legal professionals to help you achieve your goals and develop your estate plan to ensure that your family receives what you intended. We’ll work with you to minimize impact of taxes and maximize the benefits for your family.

To learn more about trusts and decide on a plan that’s best for you, call Roberts Retirement Group at (209) 223-7870 to schedule an appointment with our associate estate attorney, Eric Rouen.