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About Us

Roberts Retirement Group is a family-oriented company located in the heart of California’s rich and historic Gold County, Amador County.  We have been serving residents of the Sierra Foothills, as well as nationwide, for over 30 years.  We offer unparalleled retirement planning services including individual retirement accounts, life insurance, long-term care insurance, trust, estate, tax and legal strategies.  We treat every client like family, factoring in your individual financial and retirement needs.

As a leader in the industry, we provide our clients with a strong and stable foundation where family values and wealth strategies can grow and be protected. We offer long-term programs for our clients, their children, and generations to follow.  This is our core value for each retirement planning strategy.

Ron Roberts believes that it's his mission to help assure and protect each client’s family legacy, assisting with and understanding your goals and objectives.  He has been a Retirement Planning Professional since 1990.  Founded in 2002, Roberts Retirement Group, Inc. has grown over the years to serve families in Northern California, as well as around the country.  Ron has served as President of the California State Planning Counsel, and continues to mentor Retirement Planning Professionals across the United States. 

All consultations and appointments are free of charge.  Rest assured, your financial strategies will be handled with the utmost care.  We look forward to meeting with you, and to ensuring that your financial future is secure.