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I can’t say enough great things about our retirement guy - Ron Roberts and his business. Seriously, with all that’s happening with the market, his advice was spot on. We lost a bit in the market, but since moving $ around, we have gained back nearly half of our loss. And we are set up with monthly deposits, which is just interest only payments. The principal is safe.

If you’re retiring soon (many of my VSP peeps are), Ron has offices in Sacramento, Lodi and Jackson!  I highly recommend him!  Plus he’s a super nice man!  Counting our blessings.

~ Kim Frazier Rankin

Ron is so calming and reassuring during these rough times.  He listened to us, and put together the perfect plan for us, and is protecting our principal.  The staff is beyond professional and kind!  I only wish I had gone in sooner. 

Thank you Ron - I can sleep peacefully knowing we won’t run out of money!  I will be referring quite a few of my friends who are close to retirement. 

God bless you!

~Kim Frazier Rankin

Dear Ron,

I wanted to thank you, your lovely wife, and your staff for such a wonderful afternoon at Wine & Roses Luncheon!  What a beautiful venue, delicious lunch, top notch entertainment, and great company. 

I have not attended any of your events other then the Western BBQ years ago, when Jerry & I went to Ironstone.  I am glad my sister Carla was able to go with me this time.  Carla enjoyed herself as well, and wanted to thank you too!

Have a wonderful year & hope to see you at the next event!

Sincere thanks,

~ Lacey West & Carla Pedrini

In these days of scams and mistrust, how does one choose a retirement planning advisor? Well, our experience tells us it's a matter of seriously checking on that company and those involved. How do we do that? We ask people who have dealt with them for years and that's my husband and me.

We've been with Ron Roberts since 2003 and have gotten to know him and his associates well. During that time, we have nearly doubled our money and thoroughly enjoyed the relationship. We have always felt that Ron is knowledgeable in the field, honest, and has our best interest at heart. He is most sincere in everything he does, including some very nice outings and get-togethers for his clients, that he frequently arranges. He believes in not only sharing information as new things develop, but in sharing some of his hard-earned profits, as well. He goes out of his way to stay in touch with visits to our home and he's always available by phone, either at present or a call back. My husband and I can't say enough good about Ron and his crew. He is a devoted family man whose wife and children are delightful to know and enjoy. He treats you like a friend and he is always happy to answer any questions you might have. So, if you want a firm whose leader you can be certain is reliable, helpful, and will have your best interest at heart, you can't go wrong by going with Ron Roberts and his financial team. They are the best in our book. 

Most sincerely, 

~ Joan & Walt Neller

Kudos to the Ron Robert's Organization for elevating all the clients from the 'rags to riches' status! The mere fact that the Ron Roberts Organization has the keen dexterity and true professionalism to focus like a laser beam on our financial betterment speaks volumes!! May you and yours continue to excel in the future!


~Robert Boggeri

Ron is the most honorable, trustworthy person we have ever met - not only as a retirement planning advisor, but as a dear friend. His clients are of the utmost importance to him and it shows. Meeting him at one of the Roberts Retirements seminars was a blessing to us after numerous failures at investing. Ron's dedication to his family, clients, and business is a trait forgotten by many people but makes this gentleman shine. 

We love and respect him dearly.

~Rob and Alicia Robinson

I would like to share about Ron Roberts because he has been such a blessing to us since 2004. We had sold our home in San Mateo, CA and wanted help in regards to investing. We were hesitant in trusting another retirement planning advisor because of past, previous bad experience, but Ron was highly recommended to us by friends. Over the past fourteen years we are pleased with the results we have had because of Ron's advice. Sometimes I procrastinated (referring to setting up a Revocable Living Trust), but now am happy it is in place, thanks to Ron being patient and continuing to bring it up. Ron is truly a sharing and caring guy. He not only shares his vast knowledge (without cost), but also shares his home for fun events. Ron has an excellent personality and has always been there for us above and beyond the duties of a financial advisor. We love him like a brother and would highly recommend him to others. When we first started meeting with Ron he had only one office, now he has six offices. (Action speaks louder than words). A visit with Ron will not cost you, but no visit with Ron may cost you lots.

~Fran L. Schafstall